Sister Ruth Lubbers, SND

Assistant Vocation Director,
Certified Spiritual Director

Based in: Covington, KY
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 859-392-8118

I serve on the Vocations Team and as a spiritual director and am based in Covington, Kentucky. I have served as an elementary teacher and administrator.

In reflecting on my younger years, I was so caught up with doing things right. I needed to appear good. As time went on, I came to realize I was missing so much of what God was doing and wanted to do in my life. I needed to look differently at my life to recognize the many ways God was lovingly present. I always wanted to be a loving presence for others. I began to see how the two fit together – allowing God to be lovingly present and my, in turn, being that presence for others. I have been blessed with insightful and caring spiritual companions over the years who have helped me to grow.

In my current ministries, I have continued to be and to help uncover the presence of God in Christ through spiritual companioning – walking with another in discovering God’s voice, footprints, and promptings. It is a humbling and holy endeavor to listen with another as to where God is present and is calling – not to do it right but to be fully alive in God’s love.

One of my favorite scripture quotes that I live by is: “God, make your ways known to me. Teach me your paths.” Psalm 25: 4

Watch a video about what service means to Sister Ruth Lubbers, SND

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