Looking Ahead to 2020

Embrace Change – it is the only constant in life.

As we experience the reality of daily change in nature and in our spiritual journeys, it also shapes the social groupings that are the fabric of society. With this background, the Sisters of Notre Dame are excited to announce that the four U.S. provinces will become one new province in July, 2020.

Arriving from Germany in 1874, the Sisters of Notre Dame (SND) became one American province (or geographic unit) in the early 1900s. Ministries spread and separate provinces made it easier to coordinate these efforts. SND came to California in 1924 and became a province in 1961, joining the other provinces of Chardon, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; and Covington, Kentucky.

Over the past two decades, increasing collaboration among the American provinces has simplified internal structures and strengthened our response to the needs of the times. Contemporary means of communication and travel facilitate this coordination.

SND will remain a strong presence in each geographic area, and this restructuring will create new connections among the 500+ Sisters of Notre Dame. While each region will continue its local ministries, this new model for outreach brings renewed enthusiasm and collaboration. Together, SND USA determined three mission priorities for the new province:
* Sponsored Education and Ministries
* Ministries on the Margins
* Young Adult Ministries

We look forward to sharing further information about this dynamic change with our associates, donors, colleagues and friends in the coming months. Please join us in prayer as we ask for God’s blessings on this important venture.

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