Health Care

Health Care

The mission statement of the Sisters of Notre Dame calls us to “foster the fullness of life, especially for people who are poor, sick and aged.” We are engaged in direct medical care as well as the pastoral care of the sick and the elderly. We have sisters in patient care, pharmacy, hospice, music therapy, hospital chaplaincy, and dietary needs.

Profiles in Ministry: Sister Marie Alex Justavich

As a chaplain, I extend the healing ministry of Jesus.  I am here for whatever the situation calls for. I am here as a support — with my heart, with my ears, with my eyes.   I bring my presence which comforts people and provides a calming affect.

Sometimes I pray and other times I invite people to join me in prayer. I want to lift their self- worth, their self-confidence and let them know that the God who created them loves them deeply, tenderly and always,  no matter what the situation.

When asked, “How was your day?” I often reply, “Life, death and everything in between.”  I am there for the whole person, including their spiritual needs, while the physician treats the patient’s medical concerns and the psychiatrist deals with their mental issues. At each visit, there really is a gift exchanged. It makes me realize how much I take for granted – my family,  my health, my community, my faith.

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